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Experience - 20 Years+

Positive - See our clients' Testimonials

Results - Recorded Bottom-Line Improvements

Relationships - Trustworthy & Enduring

Attitudes - Positive & Persevering

Communication - Open, Often, and Honest

Cordes Collaboration specializes in facilitating positive change and creativity. Clients bring us back, often providing learning opportunities for their entire organization. As a result of attending our work sessions individuals grow personally and professionally, resulting in overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Examples of Cordes Collaboration's client results include:

  • Reducing time required to plan and deliver projects and presentations
  • Increased confidence in presentation delivery
  • Optimized organization of information
  • Relevant communication
  • Concise information
  • Quicker to learn
  • Better problem-solving
  • Improved team collaboration
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a few words
about us



  • 1transforming Individuals
    TRANSFORMING INDIVIDUALS, transforms organizations
  • 2building trust
    We BUILD TRUST among our patrons by providing excellent service. Word of mouth is our main source of business. We think that says a lot about our work.
  • 3creative communication
    CREATIVE COMMUNICATION captures attention and yields memory retention. Communication is key to ongoing transformation.  Powerful communication: motivates progress, builds trust, improves relationships, benefits project progress.


Cordes Collaboration partners with you to develop employees who Think. Learn. Create. As your partner, we care about your results at all levels.  We begin with individuals to transform your whole organization.

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You may have the talent, but not the time or neutrality to run high-energy, high-output Strategic Planning Sessions. Research shows that teams with high trust levels are most productive.  We are known for bringing people together, building trust, and having fun during the process.

our sessions

Some of the most unique, innovative, self-empowering learning sessions you will ever encounter.  "This is amazing, why don't more people know about this?!" Is often heard upon completion.


our founder

  • Kim Cordes

    Kim’s experience working for the leadership at many levels of multi-national corporations, provides her unique…