The Learning Workshop

A stimulating 2 day experience to think, learn, and create at a whole new level.

Speed and Range Reading

Read faster, improve comprehension, learn to Power Browse and eliminate overloaded In-box. Discover or rediscover the joy of reading in all venues.

Learning Applications

This powerful workshop explores the reason it is difficult to change old habits, patterns and behaviors. It provides information on the physiology of the brain and the model for successful change.

Life Balance

Learn to plan weekly in four key life dimensions for greater peace and productivity in your life.

Radiant Memory

“Memory is the mother of all knowledge.” William Shakespeare Includes approaches to mentally storing information to strengthen long and short term recall. According to research, brain exercises provide many long term physical benefits, including reducing the likeliness of brain debilitating diseases.

Brain Training for Educators

The aim of this series is to provide powerful support tools and processes to effectively implement Mind Mapping®, memory techniques and the TEFCAS Learning model into classroom practice. This program is designed as a series and consists of training, bench marking, best practice, measurement, continuous improvement, master workbook, and materials.

Speaking Engagements

Choose from a wide range of topics for your company or event. Check out the link for a sampling.

Memorable Presentations

Taking you through 12 memory principles, this session will equip you to present in a way that your audience will easily glean the main points and make them memorable! We will discuss short term and long term memory and provide a strategy to weave memory principles into your presentation.

Create Custom

Let’s collaborate! Together we do a Needs Analysis and together we choose the best of the brain tools to develop your organizations ability to Think. Learn. Create. So that your results reach new levels of innovation, collaboration, and ultimately higher revenues.