Speed & Range Reading

One Day Session

Awareness and Assessment

Determine your initial reading speed; assess goals, habits, propensity for change; and delusions currently held regarding the reading process.

Reading Environment

Explains the importance of the equipment you sit in and around, posture, lighting, temperature and how these affect your concentration.

The Eye

Discover how to utilize the eyes for optimum reading efficiency. Provides four speed techniques and practice exercises to rest the eyes.

The Power Browse

Provides a method to cover an entire book in just ten minutes! Be amazed at what you will learn and retain with this powerful process. Mind Map exercise for retention.

The Brain

Covers basic physiology; provides standard operating procedures; the power of associations; comprehension; and the relativistic nature of the brain.

Busting Delusions

Learn to smash old delusions and create new, more productive, habits. Use the mind map technique as a power tool during reading and study sessions to maximize recall & build knowledge.

Speed Reading for Life and Learning

Match purpose, material, and approach; review differences between scanning and skimming; introduces the Knowledge File and Master Mind Map; and workshop conclusion.