what successful leaders say....

Kim is an extraordinary talent capable of developing dynamic and meaningful leadership and organizational development plans. Kim revolutionized Learning and Development at EDS by driving a learning culture and leadership accountability. The results of her transformation were evident in hard metrics. We experienced a 20% reduction in annual attrition, 32% higher promotion rates and 16% greater employee satisfaction scores than the rest of the company. I am in contact with many co-workers that all agree she had an impact on their lives.

Bill Carroll, Vice President of Global Delivery Fruition Partners

Kim Cordes is a talented individual with a unique ability to identify creative methods to solve business problems. These methods often involve helping people to improve collaboration and expand their realm of possibilities when solving problems or developing plans to achieve business objectives. Kim's work often involves facilitating small group sessions at which she is OUTSTANDING. Kim has a natural ability to motivate and excite others. She has a perpetually positive personality and is a pleasure to work with.

Laurie Adelson , Global Employee Engagement Leader at CSC


Creative. Focused. Amazing listener. It only takes one meeting with Kim Cordes to know how passionate she is about what she does - in her career - always, but in her life as a constant. To do business with Cordes Collaboration means to produce results, energy and complete dedication to your needs. Kim is a smart business professional, with a proven entrepreneurial track record. I'm happy to call her a friend and a fellow professional.

Anne Marie Bonardelli, Business Growth Consultant