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It is not just a new method of taking notes for lists, presentations, etc. It is a memory course, a self-confidence course and "change" agent class that can help you on your present job and also with your home life. Kim Cordes is an excellent instructor and helped us all achieve a new level of learning.

Jean V., US Army TACOM

I enjoyed this class more than any other class I've taken. The method was confusing to look first. Then, through your excellent instructions, it became completely clear and saves me so much time organizing my thoughts and activities.


Excellent class - it did move the needle for the whole group. Heard good comments from others.

Ron, General Motors

Kim, I have made good use of the Speed/Range Reading course. I use the Mind Map Organic Study Technique frequently both at work and at home.

Ron, US Army TACOM

...So, I went from a skeptic the first day to really believing that this is an invaluable learning tool. I really believe that if we began teaching children how to do this when they first begin school, we may have fewer dropouts and more productive students and eventually leaders. Thanks much Kim for introducing me to mindmapping.

Ford Motor Company

The instructor: 5 Star all around! Informative, kept this interesting and topics flowed. The environment: As always, excellent. Can I use the information at work? I already have. The very next day!


In August I began Six Sigma Black Belt training. Prior to taking the training I was given a 300 page book about Six Sigma to read. I used the mind mapping process for that and ended up with four 8.5x11 sheets (mind maps) for the entire book. I refer to them often as I have already had to make presentations on the material. They are also very handy for locating where to find specific information in the book when I need it. I just purchased a 400 page Six Sigma book and plan to map that as well. I am also mind mapping the class training sessions and find the technique to be very effective. I definitely see where this has helped in information retention and recall. Finally, my juggling is going very well. I am now up to the point where I juggle yogurt containers in the supermarket. It embarrasses my kids but I can't help myself. Take care and thanks for all you've done!

Michael G., Ford Motor Company

Learning how to mind-map has had calming effects on me and those around me. The intensity of turning chaos into order doesn't seem so overwhelming......with a map. The frantics of meeting deadlines and making decisions doesn't seem so impossible....with a map. The pressure to create something from nothing doesn't seem so scary....with a map. I have leveraged the Mind-Mapping principles in my career and educational life for nearly 10 years. I took baby steps at first (while completing an MBA), and then launched forward when 'thinking out of the box' became a popular corporate thing to do. I have used Mind-Mapping to help set direction in my life; to communicate with difficult people; to build a personal vision; and to relax!

Anne Marie Matteocci, Executive Leader, EDS