Education Testimonials

At the beginning of the year I started teaching a 5th grade science class. We did a unit on atmosphere and almost 90% of my class got a failing grade. Then I went to the in-service on Mind Mapping ® Right away I started to use what I had learned. The students loved using the markers and drawing the pictures. After reviewing the material through the Mind Mapping ® process, I began to notice that the students began to think about the material. They began to see how ideas related to one another. I am finally seeing an improvement in test scores. The last test I gave, 20% of my students received a grade of A. They are finding that remembering scientific material can be fun. I am seeing improvement and am encouraged with this process.

Chris Burrows, Doyle Ryder Elementary School, Flint, MI

I used Mind Mapping in my 5th and 6th grade classroom last year. The students enjoyed the maps and were very creative with them. Many of the students that I had a hard time motivating using the traditional methods were excited to create maps and their test scores showed improvement after using them.

Kristine Shrontz, Olivet Elementary

Mindmapping for a Doctorate: Upon completion of 2 years of coursework ranging from educational philosophy to statistics doctoral students must take a qualifying exam (before writing dissertation; the last and most extensive step). What could I do to study for 2 years of coursework to be assessed all in one fell swoop? I mindmapped one whole room in my home. I put one course on one sheet of newsprint taped to the walls and stressed those things I thought I would have to know for the exam, and I walked through the room each day in this two month preparation period . The drawings (very crude), the colors of the categories and the spatial relationships helped me remember during the grueling hours of writing on the big day. I have since recommended this method to others studying for large amounts of information to be retrieved at one time.

Gail Rachor, Ed.D